f Chris Brown deletes twitter account Chris Brown deletes twitter account Chris Brown deletes twitter account

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Chris Brown deletes twitter account

Breezy looks like he just can’t stay away from all the controversies, days after puffing some blunt during a stage performance, an act many entertainment practitioners have criticize, deletes his twitter account after a heated war of words between him and comedienne Jenny Johnson. Ok truth be told this was instigated by Jenny who looked pissed by the two (Rihanna and Chris) getting back together. The frenzy started when Chris Browns tweet “I’m only 23 and I look as old as fuck”. This is supposed to be a funny tweet to breezy and his followers, but looks like jenny Johnson probably just had a fight with a witch, as she retweeted saying “I know! Being a worthless piece of shit can age a person”. 

Now that to me is one very annoying thing to hear and that statement going to a man who has anger management issues just didn’t cut it. And if you think Chris brown is just gonna man that and act like he didn’t see it, then you mistaking. Chris just finished his domestic violence classes seems like he has learnt a thing or two, instead of aggravating issues decided to delete his account. What really got Breezy pissed must have being the fact that he repeatedly made spelling errors while tweeting, which provided jenny more “punch-lines” which hit below the belt. After back and forth “tweet lashing”, breezy was the one who got hurt first, and took a drastic decision of deleting his twitter account. 
But you know what they say, “God Bless the internet”. The internet is no place where you can just retract what you put in, once you hit the send button there’s no going back. The battle of words between both parties went viral with Jenny’s retweet of Chris Brown getting over 4000 retweets. Anyways If Mr. controversy “Kanye West” can reactivate his twitter account after a long spell of absence, then who is Chris Brown? We are waiting for you breezy.

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