f Drake Loses Grand Mom On Thanksgiving Day Drake Loses Grand Mom On Thanksgiving Day Drake Loses Grand Mom On Thanksgiving Day

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Drake Loses Grand Mom On Thanksgiving Day

Toronto rapper Drake on Thursday night when everyone seem to be having a good time at thanks giving dinner, probably having some turkey was mourning after the announced death of his grand mom Sher Evelyn at a nursing home. Some might say, losing his grand mom should not be making the news, well if you belong to that school of thought, I think you need to think again. Drake one of the games most emotional rapper is strongly tied to his grand mom, and I’m like who wouldn't? she is described as a woman having a beautiful soul and an heart of an angel. 
                Drake who returns the favor with his strong affection for her, and even went as far as cancelling his rap tour, when an average rapper would have just said “I’ll see her when I get back” has however on several occasion rapped about her, latest of which was his track “Look what you've done” off his Take Care Album, where he narrated some incidents with his grand mom from when he had nothing all the way to stardom. The highlight of the track was drake putting her on the outro of the track. And Drake’s Grand mom had this to say 

 “ I’m here sitting with my son Audrey, having a little talk and he knows how to get in
touch with you now, and let you know how grateful I am for your help and keeping me in this comfortable place. All I can say Audrey is, I remember the good times we had together and the times I used to look after you and I still have wonderful feelings about that” so God bless you and I hope I’ll see you"

               Those were the words of Evelyn Sher, now its not just about what she said, more emphasis is on how she said it on the track with her little shaky voice, over the piano beat. If you are mortal and have feelings, then you’ll understand why this has really gotten to drake. 

RapGeek sends our condolences to Drake and may Evelyn Sher’s soul rest in perfect peace. Please drop your condolence messages in the comment section.

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