f Lil Wayne set for retirement after Last Album: "Tha Carter V" Lil Wayne set for retirement after Last Album: "Tha Carter V" Lil Wayne set for retirement after Last Album: "Tha Carter V"

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Lil Wayne set for retirement after Last Album: "Tha Carter V"

            Young money rapper Lil Wayne has stated that “Tha Carter V” will be his last solo effort. After spending 19 years in the game, the rapper recently revealed to MTV that he’s still gonna release his “I Am Not a Human Being II” due for release on February 19 2013. After just premiering his latest video on Wednesday, “No Worries” wizzy as he’s fondly called said he decided to quit cause he started rapping since age 8 and he’s now 30 and got bored of it all.
            Well, that’s Lil Wayne’s part of the story, to me I’d say “WAYNE IS OUT” I mean “OUT”. Have you heard Dedication IV his last effort? If you haven’t, please do me the honor, Lil Wayne could not finish a statement without saying either “ f**k, Pu**y, Dick, Suck, Cock, Head and worth nots, I think he should make history for the most un-radio friendly album of all time. He uses foul words faster than a porn star could say “Oh Yeah!” or whatever their best exclamation is.
            Jay Z announced his retirement in 2003 and brother “CAME back faster than your girl would on him” some even described it as a publicity stunt, now the question is are we heading in the same direction with wayne? even stronger Lil Tunechi has released 9 LP’s in his career and all went platinum, but unlike Jay Z has stated that “when I love to do something, I’m fully focused on it and it only and music sometimes is not that IT”. So what could the “IT” be? His newly found love of skating, Or his TrukFit clothing line.
              Its looking more in the skating direction for Lil Tunechi as he announced that he would like to be a sport analyst and he said and I quote “I can skate all night, but I can’t be in the studio all night”

Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr. has had an illustrious career, with a poll on MTV naming him best rapper alive in 2008, I think it’ll only be right to toss our hat for one of the greatest of all time.

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  1. Yuh rite. There's a line on dedication IV, where he was like "She grab my dick wiv both hands, like she's about to pray for it". That's arguably one of the best lines in d whole album, and had a foul word on it.

  2. i can't deny he was creative with his lines but they were all about f**king. working on something in that regards tho.