f I'm An Exotic specie in a unique way - World Miss University Nigeria 2012 I'm An Exotic specie in a unique way - World Miss University Nigeria 2012 I'm An Exotic specie in a unique way - World Miss University Nigeria 2012

Thursday, November 29, 2012

I'm An Exotic specie in a unique way - World Miss University Nigeria 2012

Queen Oluwatobi Phillips, a 20 years old 400 level marine science student of the University of Lagos, born to a family of three where she sits in the middle with an elder and a younger brother is the 6th and current World Miss University Nigeria. She will be representing Nigeria in the World Miss University holding from November 28th to 11th of December in Seoul Korea.

Miss Tobi Phillips or how exactly would you like to be addressed?

Queen Tobi Phillips 6th World Miss University Nigeria, United Nations Student Peace Ambassador to Nigeria.

4 years at university of Lagos, how has it being?

It's been cool so far

Just how well has going to the University influenced your modeling career?

In a Positive way

You participated in quite a number of pageants in the university, how did you combine them ​with your education? Or are you “Super Human”?

(chuckles).....I'm An Exotic specie in a unique way, though it wasn't easy but I still did find a way around it.

When did modeling start for you?


What’s the major challenge faced by students on campus?

There are many challenges students face on campuses, such as Poor Infrastructure, Cultism, Peer pressure, Poor academic Schedule (strike).....But at the WMUN contest, I chose to talk about Rape.

I remember encouraging a girl to go for “Miss Makama” and she was like me? Miss Makama? ​That’s not fresh. What motivated you?

Well-wishers did, and as a student of Unilag, Madam Tinubu Hall (MTH) was my proud hall of residence, so then, i took the "Miss MTH 2009" contest as a platform for better grooming. Not only that, I was also my Faculty and Departmental Queen, "Miss Sciences 2010"

Who do you look up to?

I look up to the Almighty God, the Greatest of all Kings.

You just won the WMUN, how does that make you feel?

It makes me feel fulfilled, because I am now the Queen of all Nigerian Universities and I'm getting closer to my aspirations.

How are you dealing with your new social status?

Trying as much as I can

You've been in the system and you’ve witnessed strike caused by various reasons, what do you think should be done to improve the educational sector?

I feel, The Government and the Appropriate Authorities should create workshops on ways to improve our educational standard.

You’ve won a lot of pageants what would you say is your strong point?

God has been my main strong point, my confidence, which Dr Charles Onyema has been able to guide me on.

Since winning WMUN what has changed about Miss Tobi Phillips?

Basically, my exemplary character remains the same, but my social appearance and schedules has changed.

​What’s your definition of success?

Well, success to me is relative, but to be definitive, I’d say success is being able to move head up high, against all odds.

How do you intend on impacting the society as a beauty queen?

Preaching Global Peace and a Cleaner Environment through my pet project

​Have you regretted participating in any pageant and why?

I've Never for once did.

What’s next after WMUN?

Preparing for the international contest which would witness beauty and brains among universities queens all over the World. "25th World Miss University Contest, in South Korea this November"

Korea is known for its new gangnam style dance, have you learnt it?

(laughs)...... I've only been able to learn a few steps so far.

If you weren’t modeling what would you be doing?

May be Acting

What will you look back on during your undergraduate years and say “I wish I did that”?

Nothing really, because am still in school looking forward to my graduation ceremony.

What’s behind your smile?

God's grace

You’re a role model now what’s your advice for ladies with modeling aspirations?

Do what you can, while you can, as best as you can, because a time will come when you cannot. So, stay focused and be confident with high moral repute.

What’s your personal slogan?

God knows best!

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