f Best Naija Rap Lines in 2012 [M.I, Vector, Yung6ix, etc] make list! Best Naija Rap Lines in 2012 [M.I, Vector, Yung6ix, etc] make list! Best Naija Rap Lines in 2012 [M.I, Vector, Yung6ix, etc] make list!

Monday, December 31, 2012

Best Naija Rap Lines in 2012 [M.I, Vector, Yung6ix, etc] make list!

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 Gone are the days of Eedris Abdul Kareem, when we had to make do with some "shigidimigidirigidibidi" kinda rap, well thanks to Rugged man, we didn't have to tolerate such nonsense for long. With the desperation for commercial success, some rappers have stopped paying attention for their lyrics (Eldee, Dr Sid), while some still prefer to be ............ and be awesome lyricist (Mode 9), on the other hand some have the finesse to combine both and do it in an awesome way (Ice Prince, M.I, Naeto C, etc). Well regardless, as much as i wanna get high and dance my a$$ out when i club while some meaningless songs with dance-able beat, but trash lyrics come on, i also want some quite time with a beautiful song, relax, pay attention to the lyrics and identify with the personality behind the song and admire the poetry. So all i ask from our artiste is to respect their fans and give us quality music instead of all the worth-not  we hear that sounds like one long song. During my quite time, "me my head phone and i" i noticed some amazing lines that just shows that we still have rappers that think and still believe we listeners have a right to quality lyrics. These are just few of the numerous.

·         Punch lines like a typist, this rap shit finally working out Biceps – M.I.

·         We the rappers that ladies never tell no, my album selling out but ur album leaving the shops low,     Connect on any joint I get my hands on, elbow, and I’m just sticking to the script, Nigga Velcro – M.I

·         It’s like I don’t have lips, cos nigga I can’t suck – M.I.

·          I’m one verse away from greatness, let’s face this… the game had its head bowed down, I’m the                                    face lift – Loose Kaynon

·         Dreams are funny cos you’ve got to chase it, then pace it, face it, embrace it, the hustle’s never   wasting – Some Multis – Kaynon

·         They say I’m the next up… The top is my next stop… I won’t and I can’t stop… If u dey vex, abeg stop… killing every gang spot… In finding the top five… I’m sitting on top of that table, desktop – Loose Kaynon

·          I’m zooming the Illusions of blowing up the defusion but the force of my intrusion will be worth every newton – Loose Kaynon

·         My nigga M.I told me, we got to (aim high)… They can’t take what’s yours but it’s fun to watch them try – Loose Kaynon

·          Ladies love diamonds… and stars look alike… so it’s evident why supermodels hook up with my type – 5 mics

·         Swagger and composure… I’m just such a poser… I’m always picture perfect to the negative exposure – M.I

      ·        King of the south and his name wasn’t T.I, Multiply while they was hoping that we die, so fly I land, no V.I. - @yung6ix

      ·        And every day my account balance dey rise like their papa BP - @yung6ix 

      ·     They short of words like turn pages off the dictionary – so sick

      ·         They got the picture late, like a ghost staring at his own obituary – so sick

      ·         Me I only see bar, something inside every rap, call that nigga ristler - @miabaga

      ·         I’m a big G, I’m talking capital, since I entered industry these rappers on sabbatical - @miabaga

      ·         Y’all niggas like apple, y’all need new jobs - @miabaga

      ·         All white kaftan looking like money, being broke is a joke and my life’s not funny – joules da kid

      ·         Unstoppable like 2face, make you smell defeat like you sniffing on my shoe lace – phenom

      ·         S-dot here, vec in you vein, cause I’m on point like the last three letters in his name – Vector

      ·         I’m the most versatile; I put your flow on the floor like your verse a tile – Vector

      ·         My watch is having sex like my time has come – vector



  1. Yung6ix nd MI's r d best..d rest r wack

  2. yhis are not punchlines .....they are just clever wordplays

  3. I rep CarliswagBlog_http://www.carliswag.com) MAY God punish that MI and Yung6ix..... mehn, those guys are devilsssssssss.

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