f [Video] Game ends beef with Jay Z, says baby mama was a Jay Z fan! [Video] Game ends beef with Jay Z, says baby mama was a Jay Z fan! [Video] Game ends beef with Jay Z, says baby mama was a Jay Z fan!

Sunday, December 09, 2012

[Video] Game ends beef with Jay Z, says baby mama was a Jay Z fan!

Jay Z arguably one of the best rappers of all time, have endured some dis tracks from the most reckless rapper out of Compton “Game”. This dis started when Game in his track “one blood” off his Documentary album said and I quote “you 38 and you still rapping uhhhhh!” now I don’t know how true that is cause I felt Jay was having a rather smooth time as at the time of this record, but looks like game was just trying to get some popularity off dissing one of hip hop’s most valuable player. Jay Z smart as ever initially was quite, but in some sort responded in his single “kingdom come” saying “I used to think rapping at 38 was ill, till last year I grossed about 38 mills” don’t you just love Jay? #Boss. Trust me there’s no better way to respond to such dis than to brag especially if you the CEO of Roc Nation, Roca wear, and sealing a whole lot of business deals. Jay Z is one of the best braggers in the rap game, “I mean until Rick Ross came through”. Anyways, in an interview with vibe magazine, Game whose “Jesus Piece” album is due to drop December 11 shed more light on the “beef” he had with Jay Z. When asked about the dis and Jay Z not having to respond for most of it, he had this to say
“No 1, he’s smart, I think he knows that I’m reckless and there’s nothing I can’t say but he has to be filtered cause he’s more of a businessman and he’s a little bit older and he’s doing all his business deals, so he can’t really go as reckless as I can, but once I go I’m gone plus Jay in his own right respects me as a lyricist” 

He also talked about him having a big altercation with his baby mama, who was furious at him for dissing Jay Z, saying “if you dis Jay Z, we will not be able to survive”.
Looks like Game, one of the few who still has a career in rap after dissing Jay wants nothing but peace as recently from his leaked album, Game off the track “Heaven’s arms” said still stacking figures so, one day imma be top 5 and I can politick with Jigga though, I was just trying to blueprint myself behind Jigga though and all the old disses yo! Bullshit”. Well Game himself ain’t getting any younger, having just clocked 33 last most is only 5 years shy of 38, the age Jay Z was when he dissed him, you know what they say, Karma’s a bitch and that bitch always comes back around, who knows, maybe errrrm the controversial “chief keef” when he’s 21would just have something to say about game. Well if what game said in his “scared now” track “I’m the most feared rap nigga, like a jus blaze beat I clap niggas” off his Jesus Piece album is anything to go by, then maybe we won’t be hearing any disses against him.
Game has however stated that he relishes a collaboration with the hiphop mogul “Jay Z” saying if they were to do a track together, he’ll have to go into his trick bag for that one.

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