f [PHOTOS]: Rick Ross Tattoos Analysed in Bits! [PHOTOS]: Rick Ross Tattoos Analysed in Bits! [PHOTOS]: Rick Ross Tattoos Analysed in Bits!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

[PHOTOS]: Rick Ross Tattoos Analysed in Bits!

In the rap industry, there seems to be a competition of who has the most ink on his body, its kinda hard to tell, i mean you see lil wayne and you're like that is gotta be the most, and the next minuite Wiz Khalifa pops up and you shifting grounds, but then again Rozay who is about 3 times bigger than the average american rapper is not about to be left out.

Ricky Rozay is one massive piece (Body size) and its a whole lot of space for ink. He himself has lost count of the number of tattoos he has, all he can say is its over 100. Well the attention is not on the number of tattoos alone, but what tattoos are actually read on his body. He seems to have a thing for the faces of dead politicians on the dollar bills. He has the face of dead presidents like, George Washington, Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant. And also got the face of Obama on his ribs, saying he thinks he'll be the first president on the thousand dollar bill.

Of all the tattoos the most crazy is gat to be that of ex US president George W. Bush which he placed under his arm. As if being close to his armpit is not bad enough, Rozay puts a horn on Bush's head, i don't know what exactly that signifies, but when asked about why he has Bush's head close to his armpit, Ross said in Tupac's words "you have to keep your enemies closer".
Ross who have had allegations of him stealing his identity had his first tattoo when he was 15, the Wu-Tang inspired "CREAM" Cash Rules Everything Around Me. 
Ross Chest Breast is big enough to take all the tattoos my entire body can, and he's not about to waste that, he has "billionaire" written across his nipple, that is succeeding the initial millionaire initially read into his skin after he made his first million, so its safe to say The Boss is looking forward to hitting his first billion soon "Good-luck with that". 
Tattoo rookie turn expert Lordgyn Gino Belizaire who was initially a wack tattooist is responsible for all of Rozay's tatts, he was encouraged by Rick Ross who puts down his body for Lordgyn to practice and get better. He described Ross as being obsessed with tattoos and Rozay has vowed to keep the tattoos coming.