f Rick Ross named GQ "Bawse Of The Year" Rick Ross named GQ "Bawse Of The Year" Rick Ross named GQ "Bawse Of The Year"

Friday, December 07, 2012

Rick Ross named GQ "Bawse Of The Year"

Just weeks after getting nude poses from Rihanna after she was crowned GQ "man of the year", 2 time source cover man of the year Ricky Rozay even though ousted by 2Chainz this year, has been named GQ "Bawse of the year". To say the MMG C.E.O/Rapper who has enjoyed an amazing year after releasing hit after hits, dropping the "Rich Forever" mixtape earlier in the year, his own album "God Forgives and I Dont", and of course without forgetting his major strength, killing every track he has being featured on, would be an understatement. No doubt Ross has been consistent in the game and all that success was climaxed early this week when his 2012 album "God Forgives and I Don't" was nominated for a grammy. The 10th most powerful man in Hip Hop, named by the source when asked by GQ if he had any advice for his readers said and i quote "Let's stop smoking blunts, lets smoke out of papers". Did i just hear you scream Rozzaaayyy? often criticized for stolen identity, Rozay ain't having any of  those List of 20 bragging lines from rozay  below.

Check out a list of Top 20 bragging Lines from Ricky Rozay in 2012

  • We started off dead broke, now i gat 40 million in a fucking yoke, i gat 4 million in my boat all jokes aside, a few millions in my hoe.
  • Rose Gold Jesus, Rose Gold watch, all black ghost
  • fuck the Swiss account, i gat it all cash, if you gat any problem you can bring it all back
  • They call me Mr. robbers when i'm in the bank, digits are like dodgers when it comes to franks
  • count a million cash can you blog that?
  • you see the watch now you wanna know the name of it, never playing so i went to get the frames flooded, Cartier, Hublot i could name a dozen
  • watch me cost a buck, chain cost me a truck, double MB the clique my coupe cost more than your bus
  • see me jumping on stage more chains than mardi gras
  • thick Cuban link, new Benz gold piece, Benz outside aint' even gotta speak
  • time to get the money steve Forbes gat
  • net worth nigga hoes wanna Google me, heavy jewelry swimming trunks on that corner piece
  • 20 bedrooms my shit bigger than Oprah's
  • diamonds all on my fingers, diamonds all on my Jesus, no miles on beamer, never disrespect my genius
  • i just instagram my shit and let the broke niggas watch
  • 400k in my baggage, never run outta money
  • Porsche cost me 200 fuck all these broke niggas cause all i do is ball
  • my crib more like a mall
  • i remember picking water melons, now the bus cost me a quarter million
  • spend it, spend it, spend the stack every minute, that's 50, 100 i see no fucking limits
  • port of miami, then i drop trilla, coke dealer worth 8 figures.
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