f TOP #35 Lines from “Jesus Piece” album leak TOP #35 Lines from “Jesus Piece” album leak TOP #35 Lines from “Jesus Piece” album leak

Thursday, December 06, 2012

TOP #35 Lines from “Jesus Piece” album leak

  • Can’t deny my Jesus Piece, that’s so peter like – common (Jesus Piece) 
  • Mehn these fat hos is too cheap ain’t paying their tithes taking up 2 seats – game (can’t get right) 
  • I have fuck so many bitches that I can’t remember name, if you put that pussy right in my face I’d remember – future (I remember)
  • Fuck that burger we cooking real beef, mama’s mourning their sons I’m talking real grief – Game (see no evil)
  • Gold medals on my neck I call it Michael Phelps hoes settling in for less I call ‘em bottom shelves – Game (Ali Bomaye) 
  • I’m in the class of my own, my teacher got fired – Game (Ali Bomaye)
  • Breathe by breathe I build my fortress, my queen beautiful Lamborghini is gorgeous – Game (Name me King)
  • Seen her with her group of friends but she got the best butt, then she turning around looking like Morris chestnut – Game (Church) 
  • Let’s be creative, she say leave the tricks alone, but I’m a skater – Lil Wayne (All that “ladies”) 
  • Game’s on point like the stripes on my douche back pack – Game (All that “ladies”) 
  • I’m the most feared nigga; like a just blaze beat I clap niggas – Game (Scared now)
  • All these niggas claiming old gees, my young boys will murder them – Meek Mill (Scared now) 
  • Kanye’s came now, I’m happy for that nigga, disrespect him or his wifey, I’ll slap you for that nigga, grew up listening to pac, now I’m rapping for that nigga, my brother being dead 20 years, I’m trapping for that nigga – Game (heaven’s arms) 
  • On the road to riches, bitch I gat road raid – Lil Wayne (celebration) 
  • I love women, because without women, none of us niggas gon be breathing – Game (Pray) 
  • Frank Ocean’s more of man than you niggas gets off your gay shit – Game (Freedom) 
  • Wanna welcome everybody to Jesus Piece, after my album faze my competition with niggas can be deceased – Game (Freedom) 
  • I live this life at the pace that anyone can go, know your place and dedicate your role to the faith that you’d die alone – Kendrick Lamar (See no evil) 
  • I’m tryna get some head tonight, have a stripper in my bed tonight but I aint tryna go to hell – Game (Can’t Get right) 
  • Pop that pussy, don’t play with, I don’t care if kanye hit it, I don’t care if Jay hit it imam eat it up and imam lay with it – Game (I remember) 
  • I hope you do a lot of dirt case I’m digging you still – Game (Pray) 
  • Hip hop’s like Ciroc, I’m about to drop a pill in this shit – Game (freedom) 
  • Always coming out of the mouth of that nigga you used to know being 50’s boy, but I got tired of being 50’s dawg, had to break my chains and cut that nigga 50 off – Game (Scared now) 
  • These niggas need stitches, cause they taking pay cut – Lil Wayne (celebration) 
  • Still stacking figures so, one day I’m at top 5 and can politic with Jigga tho, I was just trying to blueprint myself behind jigga tho and all the old disses yo! Bullshit tho – Game (Heaven’s arms) 
  • She always had a player back like the field lights – Big Sean (All that) 
  • What if I told y’all I know who killed biggie dawg, I aint no snitch but if I did it aint no biggy duh – Game (Scared now) 
  • Ain’t forgotten about the twin towers, I’m playing bush for them, Obama can’t speak for it cause the government shushing him. – Game (Heaven’s Arms) 
  • He came to me in a Benz, but left in a horse – Meek Mill (Scared now) 
  • The only doctor I know that made all his patient rich, Snoop, Pac, Em, 50, Me, K-dot, watch us do a 360 – Game (Can’t get right) 
  • I require my heart’s desire and I reap what I sow – Kendrick Lamar (See no evil) 
  • My album like a Ferrari, a lotta plays features – Game (freedom) 
  • Being sipping stuff all night get higher than a plane, yeah I remember your pussy but I don’t know your name – Future (I remember) 
  • She love my tattoos, aint gat no room for her name but imma make room – Lil Wayne (All that) 
  • My girl sweet like my hotel floor from when they ran to more keys than a hotel door – Big Sean ( All that)


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