f [download] Top 50 "foul" Lines from Lil wayne's "Dedication IV" - Most foul words in rap[Album] history! [download] Top 50 "foul" Lines from Lil wayne's "Dedication IV" - Most foul words in rap[Album] history! [download] Top 50 "foul" Lines from Lil wayne's "Dedication IV" - Most foul words in rap[Album] history!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

[download] Top 50 "foul" Lines from Lil wayne's "Dedication IV" - Most foul words in rap[Album] history!

1) I wear a rubber and we fuck till we dehydrated, I pull it out pour on her face and call her cry baby

2) I kiss her neck I kiss her stomach then I kiss that pussy then I eat it from the back but I don’t do crap

3) I make that bitch come till she comes to a conclusion

4) I’m riding on my skate board, she riding on my dick like a race cars

5) I’m giving head while I’m getting head, that’s a head on collision

6) Real bitches with fake ass, if she don’t wanna fuck I’ll just get my skate board and skate past

7) You don’t get dick, you’ll get disfigured

8) She say sorry I didn’t shave so that pussy a little fury

9) I put a hole in your apple, what that is apple jack.

10) I fuck your bitch we come together call that congregating

11) I love that bitch she suck dick till her nose run

12) Imma send her back with her pussy lips looking like camera lips

13) Tell her how that pussy tastes, she being eating pineapples

14) She say tunechi give that dick to me smoother than a symphony, 2 bad bitches at the same time                                          symmetry

15) I go hard she blow me like Boston judge, she like it in her ass than pussy, 3 car garage

16) She sucks my dick for 60 seconds and swallows all my many men.

17) That red blond get lick to sleep, she wake up and get dick to sleep

18) She my no 1 FAN you know what that means, fuck all night

19) I swear I saw my hoe, I swear she with my hoe, you know I fuck them both

20) Kidnap your wife fucks her and still kills her

21) I like her pussy tighter than my fucking schedule

22) I look that pussy eye to eye and suck that motherfucker dry

23) I eat pussy she suck dick, at the same damn time

24) She grab that dick with two hands like she about to pray for it

25) I chose to talk about my dick, mehn that shit will be a long story

26) She bounce that ass, then I’m dribbling, her pussy so wet it turns to a glimmering

27) Everybody wanna fuck my bitch, her pussy lips are like heaven doses

28) Yellow bitch with a tongue like a snake, so I let her suck my dick, then I fuck her till I’m drained

29) I still wear that ass out like a wardrobe bitch

30) Your bitch swallows my pimp juice, her pussy wetter than swim suits

31) Eating pussy, tongue kissing and all that, she ride a nigga so fast, my dick feels like it’s being car jacked.

32) She on her kneels and prays for this dick and swallows all the blessings

33) Girls that don’t do girls, that’s that shit I don’t like, dick and I’m out bitch eating it out, that’s that shit my girl like

34) I’m like wet pussy, she like hard dick, hard head make her sour fast

35) She say she wanna fuck my brains, but she gon have to suck that dick first

36) My rock hole and my bitch hot, I’m tired as hell but my dick not

37) I eat that pussy like caviar, she treat that dick just like a straw, how you like that apple Microsoft

38) We good bitch bad fat mouth swim chance

39) If she make this dick hard, she woke up a sleeping giant, mehn your bitch speak in tongues every time we speak in private

40) My girlfriend Is a chopper, I finger fuck that hoe

41) My girl gat a fat cat, I call that shit Garfield

42) Lying to these bitches they call my dick Pinocchio

43) Bitch I’m like old news, I’m on that gold shoe, She eat my whole dick she like old foods

44) She say she wanna fuck my brains, but I told her she gotta suck my dick first

45) Tell that hoe to suck it up her pussy lips like rubber duct, her pussy wet I’m more than done

46) She swallowed all my kids, bitch we could have made a family

47) I put that pussy in my face, I aint gat no worries

48) These hoes wanna ride my dick she gat a hitch hike

49) Her clit looks like a jelly bin

50) she sat on my face, she sat on my face, i told her she got disease.

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  1. Someone sure has to inform lil' wayne asap, that rap music ain't no medium to express his numerous profanities... this nigga has lost it. as a matter of fact, his best line on the whole album, was foul AF... With due respect, Weezy, if you can't up ur game, to what we used to know, u can very well take a bow, and bid the game farewell. That album irritated me much

    1. Actually the lyrics is so daring and vulgar. Maybe some are like those words, but me am quite discomfort of it.

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