f Chris Brown Smokes Joint on Stage. Chris Brown Smokes Joint on Stage. Chris Brown Smokes Joint on Stage.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Chris Brown Smokes Joint on Stage.

Chris Brown is on tour in carpe diem and the singer who has shown that he has a thing for rap after appearing in couple of freestyles, that with Tyga particularly gaining some immense popularity, rapping on his own track “look at me now” and even appearing on BET cypher. It’s no longer news that Chris Brown fancies rappers lifestyle. However he stepped up his love and not only incorporating in music, but also their lifestyle. The “don’t wake me up” singer in a stop in Oslo, Norway smoked blunt on stage while performing, and like always the fans bawled and applauded the act.

 watch video below

But the question is why would Chris Brown smoke blunt on stage? After only testing positive to marijuana in September while still on probation. He’s a singer for crying out loud, was he trying to kill the dissapointment he felt when groups of women chanted and protested against him performing in Guyana last week leading to him cancelling the concert? or maybe he’s trying to prove tough to Toronto rapper Drake after engaging in a brawl over Rihana,you know what the Jamaicans say, smoke "pass me the puff make me afi smoke some ganja man" lol, whatever it is breezy thinks he needs to show the world how to puff a joint. If “Wiz Khalifa did that, we’ll not be surprised. However breezy needs to watch his back as Snoop Dogg, Amy Whinehouse have smoked blunt on stage in Norway and got arrested for their act.

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