f TOP 5: Fabolous tracks, off the mixtape "Soul Tape 2" TOP 5: Fabolous tracks, off the mixtape "Soul Tape 2" TOP 5: Fabolous tracks, off the mixtape "Soul Tape 2"

Friday, November 30, 2012

TOP 5: Fabolous tracks, off the mixtape "Soul Tape 2"

This is the kind of countdown that makes you wanna change the idea behind it. I know this is the Top 5, but fabolous make me wanna change it to “hottest 10” maybe I’ll be able to put more deserving tracks on the list. Soul Tape 2 is gotta be the mix-tape of the year. If you haven’t gotten it, then download it below. You need some assurance you not wasting your data and time? Read the quick review below.

  • Diced pineapples, ft cassie and trey songz produced by cardiak

Now don’t get carried away by the title of the track, there’s more to it than just cutting fruits into cubes, let’s just say there’s a metaphor involved but I’ll leave you to figure that out. You know what they say; “you need to play the song like 10 – 15 times to really feel it”, not with this one. For me it was love at first sight.

PRODUCTION: Incredible production from cardiak, very simple but did its job. Couple of snares and soft piano and some hi-hats enough to make fab flow like an ocean

HOOK: The hook of the song was just addictive and I just couldn’t get enough of it

Fuck all night till things get right”. Don’t you just love cassie? 

LYRICS: And then the highlight of the song is the metaphorical bliss fabolous threw on the track, you just can’t get enough, and then of course trey songz went in real hard, did the unusual or maybe the “now usual” after couple of freestyles in recent weeks, and rhymed well to this one and pretty much killed it just like a regular rapper would.

Favorite Line - “club at my place, you wear what you wanna wear but you over-dressed if you wearing an underwear” 

                              - “She say trigger why I never seen you with a bad bitch, that’s just me and all these all       other bitch is average. I’m 100% real, all these bitches is plastic” 

  • Diamonds produced by [mally the martian & Hype]

If you feeling down and need a little motivation, finding Ben Carson is a little farfetched, just get your headphones and probably your I-pod and keep jamming this track. Trademark fabolous, excellent wordplay and again metaphorical bliss. And the Brooklyn rapper (35) showed his maturity dissing everybody with the YOLO slogan saying “you only live once but legacies live forever”. For me that was the highlight of the song. So who you gon go with? Drake or Fabolous ... that was what I thought.

PRODUCTION: Amazing production, what do you expect when two professionals come together to make a beat? Big BD sounds, some ring bell sound occasionally and great work on the piano just cut it for this one.

HOOK: one of the simplest hooks you’ll ever get, just 5 words, but did its job, can’t get it outta your head once heard

“Shine bright like a diamond” 

LYRICS: simply put the lyrics to this track is easy to define, it’s simply “fabulous”. Now I know why he’s tagged the king of word play

Favorite Line: “My story just gets better when you get to the end, so when I’m at my worst I know it’s not the end”. 

“Was thought to be a winner but I learnt more from my loses” 

“To say I always was truth, but that’ll be lying a little, you can’t spell believe without a lie in the middle” 

  • For the Love [produced by street runner]

If you a lyrical analyst and you want a challenge, this is the track for you. Mind twisting lyrics got so bad he himself had to ask us if we understood. “It’s all about that boy that call me pappy so amma keep making that paper #copy” you’ve gotta pay extra attention to savor this.

PRODUCTION: Beat sounds like what you listen to when you driving in a Lexus after your girl tells you you aint getting any “slow and bumping” in one word excellent, fits the title of the song.

HOOK: – “would you do it for the love”.

LYRICS: You don’t need a rap class to get the message from the song, basically telling rappers not to do it for the money but for the love. A little bit of bragging, a little bit of advice, a lot of awesome lines generally, the track is lyrically “fabolous”

Favorite line - Every single line (ok if I have to pick, check these out)

- “Make a couple mills don’t make it your last, don’t come if you ain’t ready don’t try to make it too fast, You can’t learn shit if you don’t make it to class, you can’t just recycle what should be placed in the trash” 

- “those that just follow green, they the first kind to go” 

- “I came from first of the month money, to waking up whenever I want money. I chase paper, I haunt money, and make 50 racks by 3pm call that lunch money”

  • Louis Vuitton ft J.cole

A track basically condemning the act of gold-digging in ladies, the hook says it all, J cole took the song like his and he went in real hard, with wicked lines. He took it really personal tho like he was directing the song to a girl he once dated. And then just when you think Fab would take it easy on the b**ches, he hit then even harder with what I call a tongue lash

PRODUCTION: you know the Fabolous brand by now, aint commercial driven so its all simple and easy going sounds like a cypher beat. But yet again was all cole and Fab needed to deliver a tongue lash.

HOOK: All you need to get the message of the song is the hook.

“All she ever talks about is Louis Vuitton and nigga I can’t fuck with her no more” 

LYRICS: The lyrics had just one intention, dis the groupies, ladies who be tripping and gold-diggers, if you one of these you might wanna skip this track, you just might get offended. Excellent use of words and metaphors.

Favorite Line- “and if that is you, you so shallow, you on a boat that won’t travel, won’t float and won’t paddle, and if I go broke it won’t matter, this stupid ass shit don’t make me, I being poor won’t break me, you so caught up in material shit, we both know you can’t even get”. 

- “You can’t keep a shallow bitch if your pocket ain’t deep” *damn!!! That was deep* 

  • Beauty ft Wale [produced by AraabMuzik]

You know the definition of beauty? Not as much as Fabolous and Wale, they explain what is beautiful in a lady and I really did enjoy this one, some deep and funny lines.

PRODUCTION: Same old shit, couple of 808 and snares and “beauty” recurring in the background is all AraabMuzik needs to make a fitting beat to such a song title.

HOOK: “A thousand pieces in the jigsaw of beautiful mistakes, it’s the perfection of your imperfection” 

LYRICS: basically two rappers defining what beauty is in women and how they perceive it.

Favorite Line: - “beautiful is loyalty to the fullest, cause cupid made me a target, for she had received a bullet” 

-“Beauty is when you just got out the shower, hair still dripping wrapped up in a towel, beauty is when you ready in an hour, the long legs I call them twin towers” 

- “you know its beauty when her smile is her best curve that’s real beauty no make-up shit” 

- “go down on me then you look up at me, ooh mehn!!!That shit right there would probably give your ex nightmares”. *did you get that*? 

- “a lot of niggas talking now don’t gat the heart to say it” wait a minute did I hear that right? but if you talking you already saying it! #WaleGoHard 

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